Top Telegram Bots for Crypto Mining: Earn Big with Hamster, Blum, and Memfi

Crypto mining is a field that changes quickly, so keeping ahead is very important. There are many Telegram games and mining boards, and picking the right ones can greatly affect your earnings. I've examined tens of the top Telegram mining boards and identified the three most significant ones you should be mining now. If you haven't already, you should mine these. I've also added an extra bot that is a close second to my third choice.

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A Quick Look at the Telegram Gaming and Mining Boards

Telegram gaming and mining boards are places where people can mine cryptocurrencies while playing different games. The crypto community likes these boards because they offer mining benefits and unique game experiences. This blog post will discuss the three most popular Telegram bots: Hamster, Blom, and Memfi. It will also talk about Pixelab, which is a bonus bot.

Hamster Bot is the leader in Telegram Mining.

Why Hamster is the Biggest Telegram Bot Right Now

Hamster is currently the largest Telegram bot, with over 200 million users and growing. Almost all centralized exchanges have confirmed adding Hamster when it launches, demonstrating its appeal and potential. However, due to dilution, a project with such a large user base may be more profitable for the team and markets than for individual users.

Profitability and Dilution Concerns

Dilution in crypto projects can lower the value of individual shares as the number of tokens grows. Hamster, however, pays users based on profit per hour rather than the number of coins, offering a unique method to maintain profitability.

Hamster Combat and Future Prospects

Hamster Combat, a well-funded project, is scheduled to start next month. The bot also has a YouTube page with millions of views per video, further increasing its revenue and spread.

Blum Bot: Unique and Transparent

What Makes Blum Stand Out

Blum is the most intriguing Telegram mining and game bot project I've encountered. It tops the charts in terms of image, openness, and trust. Unlike other projects that hide behind characters, Blom's team has made themselves known and provable.

Transparency and Verification

One of Blum's owners is a former Binance official, giving authority and trust to the project. Their constant presence on Twitter Spaces and other platforms further improves their openness.

Security and user confidence

Blum’s openness and the participation of a former Binance leader provide a sense of security and trust for users. The core prize is not outrageous, which means the tokens will likely hold more value once the airdrop is done. The app is simple to use, making it available to all.

Mimfi Bot: Fun and Funded

Mini’s Funding and Community Support

Memfi has already received $18 million in funding, showing its strong financial backing. The linear network team’s backing further boosts Mini's trustworthiness.

Gaming Experience and Popularity

Memfi offers a fun and interesting game experience and is frequently talked about on crypto Twitter. It’s the first linear network Telegram mining game board backed by the Linear team, making it a standout choice.

Predictions and Future Potential

Personally, I expect that Hamster, Memfi, Blum, and Pixelab will be the biggest Telegram games and mining boards in that order. While Pixelverse is more intriguing than Blom, Blom's openness puts it ahead of Pixelab. However, the true result will be known once their coins are mentioned.

Bonus Bot: Pixelvers

Pixelvers Engagement and Potential

Pixelvers is highly entertaining and offers unique features. While it may be more entertaining than Blom, the latter’s openness gives it an edge. Once it sells its currency, Pixelab's true potential will become clear.

Future prospects and user predictions

I encourage readers to share their opinions in the comments. Which bot do you think will emerge as the biggest? Also, please let me know if any other important bots should be included on this list.


In summary, Hamster, Blum, and Memfi are the three biggest Telegram games and mining bots you should be mining right now. Each offers distinct benefits, ranging from Hamster's profit-per-hour plan to Blum's openness and Memfi's fun game experience. Don't miss out—sign up using the links in the description and start mining today.

Share your own opinions in the comments. Which bot do you think is the biggest? Are there any other bots that should be included on this list? I would love to read your opinions. 

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