From Wealth to Well-being: The Power of Finding Your Purpose

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In today's article, we're going to talk about why you should sell it all.

Key Takeaways
  • Prioritize happiness and purpose over material possessions and wealth.
  • Regularly evaluate the importance of material possessions in your life.
  • Identify and nurture your true purpose for lasting fulfilment.
  • Balancing financial security with pursuing your purpose is essential.
  • Don't hesitate to let go of possessions that hinder your progress.
  • Starting over can be a powerful step towards a more meaningful life.


Evaluating Material Possessions

Guys, I have a lot of stuff. I've worked hard. I've saved it. I've invested. I've built my wealth, and I consider myself in the enjoyment stage of wealth.

But you know something? I'd give it all up for happiness, for a sense of purpose. I'm gonna ask you right now, Are you happy? Do you have a sense of purpose in your life? Are you living a life that you've created, that you don't know who you are in that life?

If you are feeling that way, you should also ask yourself, What can I do to get out of that? What can I do to get out of that life?

See guys, I always have a checkup from the neck up every so often. When I'm driving these cars, I live in this community and buy these fantasy watches, I always have to make sure though, what's important to me. Things are not important. Don't get me wrong, I like nice things, but I also know who I am and I know what matters to me.

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The Significance of Purpose

And what matters to me is my family, and my purpose in this life, which is helping others, and I do that through this blog on blogging by providing Financial education. Because I know there are a lot of people out there who need help when it comes to their financial situation. So that's my goal through my blogging, is to provide that help, and that's my purpose.

So if you take away the cars, you take away the house, you take away all the material possessions I have, I'll still have my purpose, and I'll still be happy because of my purpose.

Balancing Wealth and Happiness

Listen, if you're living in a house that you can't afford, sell it. Why keep it? Rent a place. If you're driving a car that you can't afford and it's preventing you from investing in your future, if it's preventing you from investing in your family, sell it. Sell it all. It's not worth it.

Now, Financial Security and Financial Freedom to me is very important, and the reason it's very important is because they give me more time, more choices, and more freedom in my life, so I don't have to be a Slave, and maybe that's a hard word. Slave is a hard word, so let me rephrase that, so that I don't have to trade time for money and be in a situation that makes me unhappy because I need to earn money to take care of all of these things. See, get rid of the things and just find your purpose.

Identifying Priorities

Now I also talk a lot about doing what you have to do until you can afford to do what you want to do, and I believe that, but that statement doesn't have anything to do with things, it has to do with your purpose and what makes you happy. Money and things are not going to make you happy long term. They may put a smile on your face and they may get you tingly from time to time, but it's not going to fulfil you, right? We know that.

So find fulfillment. You can find fulfilment in many different ways. But one thing I will tell you, sell it all if it's keeping you from your purpose if it's keeping you from happiness, it's not worth it. That's a conversation you have to have with yourself. I think it's a conversation we all should be having. I think if we are not having that conversation with ourselves, we're doing ourselves, and our family a disservice.

Overcoming Financial Burdens

We have to understand that your purpose is all you have, right? Your purpose. Wouldn't it be a shame that we live on this Earth, we leave this earth and we were never truly happy? That would be a shame, that would be a shame. So think about what I just said in this article, guys.

Financial Freedom certainly can help you live your purpose, so do whatever you can to build a future for yourself financially. Again, if you got things in your life, material things in your life that you're paying for, that you're in debt for, that's holding you down, you can't save, you can't invest because you're living this lifestyle that's above what your means are, sell it all, start over. I mean sell everything today and start over. You can do it.

The Power of Starting Over

When I was 26 years old, I came home from playing in the NFL. It lasted about two years. I was on injured reserve for an additional year, so technically I lasted about three years. But when I got home, I had monetarily zero, no assets. I had to start over. But what I did have was a burning desire to take care of my family and to be successful for me, not for anybody else, just for me.

So when I look in that mirror in the morning every morning, when I look in that mirror, I want to be able to look at myself and say, you know, you left it all on the field. See, that was a phrase we used to say when I played football, guys. Leave it all on the field. And all that means is you shouldn't be walking into this locker room at the end of a practice or the end of a game and have anything left in the tank. And I live my life like that right now. You know when I leave this place, I don't want to have anything left in the tank. I want to leave it all on the field.

Building a Purpose-Driven Life

And I want that for you guys as well. All I'm asking you to do is do an inventory of your life, do a checkup from the neck up, and figure out what's important to you and whether are you truly living the life you want to live. Are you truly in your purpose right now, or are you living another life that you're unhappy in? If you are, find out why you're miserable and remove it from your life. If it's a house, if it's a car like I said, if it's a relationship, whatever it is, if it's an addiction, get it out of your life. That's the only way you're truly going to be happy, guys.

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How can I find my true purpose in life?

Discovering your purpose requires self-reflection and introspection. Consider what activities or causes resonate with you on a deep level. Ask yourself what brings you the most fulfillment and consider how you can align your actions with those values.

Is it necessary to give up all material possessions for happiness?

It's not about giving up everything, but rather prioritizing what truly matters. While material possessions can provide comfort, they shouldn't be the sole source of your happiness. Finding a balance between enjoying life's comforts and pursuing your purpose is key.

What role does financial freedom play in living a purpose-driven life?

Financial freedom provides the flexibility to pursue your passions and live in alignment with your purpose. It removes the need to constantly trade time for money, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you.

How can I start building a future for myself financially?

Start by creating a budget, saving consistently, and exploring investment opportunities. Consider seeking advice from financial professionals who can help you develop a personalized plan tailored to your goals.

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