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We learn the fundamentals of our financial system at a young age, including how to make money, spend it, and maintain economizing. Given how much consumer spending drives our economy, this basic knowledge is important. Our economy depends on people like us purchasing products and services for 70% of its output. On the other hand, the skill of investing and growing money is frequently uneducated. How to turn our hard-earned cash into assets that can increase our wealth is not disclosed to us.

This difference in financial education arises from a deeper reality about the system we operate in. Three pillars support the success of businesses: owners, workers, and consumers. Owners are the ones who benefit the most, even though the majority of us are either customers or employees. With the expectation of earning returns on their investments, these shareholders invest their cash in businesses. The economic cycle is driven by this dynamic.

Key takeaways 
  • Our financial system is built on consumer spending, making it essential for economic growth.
  • Understanding how to build wealth and invest in assets is equally important, but often not emphasized.
  • Companies thrive on customers, employees, and owners. The 1% who are owners reap the most benefits.
  • To break free from the cycle of being a consumer and employee, consider becoming an owner or shareholder.
  • Investment options like stocks, ETFs, index funds, and bonds provide avenues for wealth multiplication.


Understanding the Financial System

To efficiently navigate this landscape, it is important to understand the underlying workings of our financial system. Fundamentally, it is based on the foundation of consumer expenditure. It is this steady stream of spending that drives the economy. It's essential to understand that this is not an achievable strategy for long-term personal financial development.

For most people, our main source of income comes from active revenue that we generate from our work. Our ability to exchange our time for money is held up by the number of hours in a day. This is the point at which a mental shift is required. We have to go from being just consumers and employees to Business owners or shareholders. With this change, we may engage with the system in a way that increases wealth and safeguards our financial future.

The Role of Companies and Shareholders

Three essential components are present in any successful business: consumers who generate demand, employees who carry out daily tasks, and business owners who govern the overall strategy. Although we, as consumers and employees, are the system's structure, shareholders are in the authorization.

These investors, who frequently make up less than 1% of the population, own a sizable part of the businesses. They anticipate a return on the money they have invested. The way businesses run is shaped by this assumption. Making money is their main priority to satisfy their fiduciary duty to the shareholders. Although we as employees give our time and expertise, the owners are ultimately the ones who gain the most from this economic cycle.

Thus,  it is obvious that we must go beyond the roles of consumers and employees if we are to see sustained financial progress. Our goal ought to be, to become Business owners and shareholders. Making this mental adjustment is the first step to creating long-term wealth.

Shifting Mindset: From Consumer to Owner

It takes a change of perspective to go from being a consumer and employee to an owner. It's about realising that every financial choice we make has the potential to be an investment and an ownership. This change entails growing our responsibilities to incorporate ownership in the financial equation rather than giving up our positions as employees or customers.

I discovered the significance of this change over my 25 years in corporate America. As I worked and spent as a consumer, I also made investments in things that would eventually become the foundation of my wealth. The basis for my financial freedom was set by this shift from being an employee to also being an owner.

  • Tip: Start with small investments. You don't need a large sum of money to begin building wealth. Regular, consistent contributions to your investments can lead to significant growth over time.


Investment Techniques for Creating Wealth

We provide a portal to a world of financial opportunities with this mentality change. Bonds, index funds, ETFs, and stocks all provide us with ways to increase our wealth and compound our investment. We can take advantage of the market's growth potential and the power of compound returns using these tools.

For example, stocks represent ownership in a company. Purchasing shares enables us to become stakeholders and participate in the company's success and earnings. Diverse exposure to a variety of assets is offered by ETFs and index funds, which also distribute risk and have the ability to increase over time. Contrarily, bonds provide income and stability in the form of fixed-interest payments.

Real Estate: A Path to Passive Income

Investing in real estate is a great way to create long-term wealth and passive income. It is a type of asset class that has endured, steadily increasing in value over time. You may generate a reliable source of rental income by buying and renting out homes. This money adds to your general financial well-being in addition to paying for the property bills.

Throughout my journey, real estate was essential to diversifying my investment holdings. I bought properties that I had carefully chosen for their potential to appreciate and provide rental income. As the value of these properties increased over time, the rental revenue turned into a steady stream of passive income. When my active income from my employment was untrustworthy, this passive income served as a safety net to provide financial stability.

The Influence of Being a Business Owner

Owning your own business gives you even more influence over your financial future than investing in well-known corporations through stocks and real estate. Although starting a business may be financially rewarding, it does require a certain amount of experience and finance.

Being a business owner gives you the freedom to decide your company's technique and have a direct influence on its success. One important source of both active and passive revenue is the money your business brings in. Through prudent reinvestment of revenues, you may expand both your company and your wealth.

Balancing Active and Passive Income

Finding a balance between active and passive income is necessary to achieve full financial freedom. Even if having a source of active income from work is a good place to start, it is not long-term sustainable. The capacity to make a living via labour alone becomes less and less as time passes.

Passive income can help in this situation. You may generate streams of income that keep coming in even while you're not working by making careful investments in things like stocks, real estate, and maybe even your own company. This offers a safeguard and eventually clears the path to total financial independence.

The Bottom Line 

It is crucial to understand the dynamics of consumer ownership, investment, and spending in the current financial circumstances. You may take charge of your financial future by adopting an owner attitude as opposed to the conventional one of being a consumer and employee. Investing in a variety of ways, such as real estate, stocks, and even establishing your own company, puts you on the road to actual financial independence.

Recall that the goal is to broaden your position as a consumer and employee to include ownership in the financial equation rather than to completely give up on them. It is possible to create a lifetime foundation of wealth with the correct attitude and well-chosen investments.

So, when you think about your next financial move, ask yourself: Am I just consuming, or am I growing money and becoming a business owner? You can determine how your financial future will turn out.

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