About The Author: Who is Abdulrahman Zakariyya AKA (ArahmanReality)

Arahman Reality

Greetings! My name is Abdulrahman Zakariyya aka (ArahmanReality), and I'm a devoted and enthusiastic professional from Kaduna, Nigeria. I've worn numerous hats in my 10-year career, from blogger to web designer, software engineer to freelance writer and problem solver. Over a decade of experience in fashion embroidery, a skill dear to my heart, has enhanced my path.

Background and Experience

I have over 10 years of experience in numerous jobs, enabling me to tackle difficulties from a variety of angles. I like solving issues and producing meaningful answers, which includes writing engaging blog Articles, building intuitive websites, implementing software solutions, and authoring captivating content.

Passions and interests: 

It's not only about work in my world. I'm enthusiastic about assisting individuals in finding answers to their challenges. I instil empathy in whatever I do by drawing on my personal experiences. This allows me to interact with my readers on a more personal level and make a good difference in their lives.

My purpose is simple but profound

To provide people with the information and skills they need to manage the difficulties of contemporary life. I believe in the transformative power of research, empathy, and personal experiences.

Geographical Location:

Based in Kaduna, Nigeria, my work is enhanced by the region's cultural tapestry and different viewpoints. This distinct setting informs my approach and encourages me to produce material that is relevant internationally.

Memorable achievements and projects:

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of intriguing projects, each of which has contributed to my development and knowledge. Every endeavour, from building user-friendly websites to developing breakthrough software solutions, has been a stepping stone towards perfection.

Approach or Style

What distinguishes me is my ability to combine technical skills with a creative flair. This confluence produces products that not only function flawlessly but also pleasure the user. I believe in the power of beauty, simplicity, and usefulness.

Readers' Commitment:

Your difficulties are my difficulties. I'm determined to be a trustworthy source of advice and assistance. I'm here to share insights and recommendations that empower you, whether it's unravelling the complexity of financial well-being or keeping up to speed on the newest technology breakthroughs.

Focus Areas: My expertise is at the crossroads of financial wellness and technology innovation. My blog aims to demystify these domains by providing practical insights that can help you survive in today's changing world.

Thank you for accompanying me on this adventure. Let us explore new vistas and uncover the skills for a better, brighter future together.

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Best wishes,

Zakariyya, Abdulrahman.